We’re offering Custom Corsages & Boutonnieres for the Cedarcrest Highschool 2017 Homecoming dance on 10/21 and are so excited to make you something special!

Product Descriptions

Unique Corsage – 3 roses, or a trendy flower like Lisianthus, or dried Echinops.  Accent foliage – Geranium, Ferns, or another beautiful foliage growing at Dig-it Flower Farm.  A few sparkly bits or ribbon to showcase the colors you love and your dates unique style. These are designed on a silver elastic band.  (Order Deadline  Wednesday 10/18 – the earlier the better)

Extra Bling Corsage – Similar to above, but we can use  fancy leather with ribbon tie or metal cuff. A few extra jewels, feathers, or berries can also be added for that funky look that kids love!  (Order Deadline  Wednesday 10/18 – the earlier the better)


Boutonniere – Locally grown flowers, grasses, and foliage wrapped with ribbon, or jute to match your dates suit, tux, or your dress & corsage.  (Order Deadline  Wednesday 10/18 – the earlier the better)


It seems like just yesterday I was in highschool picking out my dress, the perfect shoes, jewelry and getting ready for my fancy hair-do! It was up to my date to get my fancy wrist corsage. 😉

Fast forward to today and I have 3 boys of my own. They are still young, but I look forward to the day we can celebrate Homecoming together and I can help them with corsages for their dates.

In the meantime, I want to help you create a memorable Homecoming experience.

I’d love to create something fun & unique just for your highschooler! I’ve been working with a florist friend to perfect my skills and have begun collecting fun elements to incorporate into your special design. We can use ribbons, jewels, feathers, special cuffs made of leather or metal.  We can incorporate either dried or fresh flowers from my own garden.  I may also supplement with flowers from other local growers if necessary. We can make sure the corsage looks great with the dress, and the boutonniere matches the gentleman’s suit! If I’m creating both I can make sure they look great together for those special pictures that will last throughout time.

Feel free to use the “Buy-Now” button below to order – Make sure to comment the color of dress or accent so we make sure it looks amazing!

Alternatively, you can E-mail me if you want to customize your design even further or if you have any questions! danidigs333@gmail.com

Pick up will be at the Duvall Starbucks 10/21 at 10 am

Thanks for supporting our growing Flower Farm!


Homecoming BLING!