For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: Do you do custom arrangements or bouquets? 

A: Yes! Arranging for a your celebration is such a source of joy for me. We can supply flowers for Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Dance recitals, Teachers Gifts or any special occasion.

Q: Do you do weddings? 

A: No, However,  we do supply flowers to some pretty amazing local Florists who can surely help you out. Use our Contact Us page to request their information.

Q: Do you sell directly to florists? 

A: YES! I love working with Florists and allowing them to create magical designs with our flowers! Our flowers have been used by our florist friends in Upscale Restaurants,  Anniversary Gifts, & Special Occasion arrangements.  I look forward to the day our Flowers are featured in a Bridal Bouquet too!

Q: How much do your flowers cost? 

A: Please use the Contact Us page and let me know what you are looking for and I will be happy to get you an estimate. (All Bouquets are seasonal and based on availability)

Q: Do you deliver? 

A: Yes! We do have a monthly ir Bi-weekly Bouquet subscription where delivery or farm pick-up are options. We currently only offer farm pick-up to our florist clients. Let me know if you have a specific need and we can likely make something work.

Q: Are you “Organic”?

A: Well, Yes, and No. I do attempt to only use organic sprays for pest management and organic fertilizers & fungicides. I haven’t been certified organic, nor do I plan to as it’s too cost prohibitive. I try and use my judgement and not worry about every tiny little thing. IE: We had a wasps nest and seeing that my husband is severely allergic, I opted to use a fast acting spray to keep him and our kiddos safe.  I do however value the helpful bee population and am continually working to keep them safe. We add lots of organic matter to our soil and hefty doses of organic fertilizers. The stronger the plants, the less risk of disease and pest damage. I delivered a bouquet the other day and an earwig fell out. I felt awful!!! At the same time I was confident that the flowers weren’t sprayed with chemicals that would harm the family if sitting on their dining room table. Balance.