February 2017 update


Despite not having flowers yet, we’ve been pretty busy getting ready for the season!

I’m not sure “Blogging” is my strong suit but I did want to share a bit about what’s going on here on the “Farm”. =)

I know I always enjoy seeing behind the scenes and thought you might too!

Winter & snow hit hard.



Our Tunnel Construction was tested and a better plan for future years is in the works. Luckily all the plant babies underneath are doing really well and are now enjoying todays sunshine!

The remaining Dahlias have been divided, dried, and stored for the next stretch until spring! I’m in the process of working out details but a few extras will be available for sale late April or early May!


Some fall sown hardy annuals survived the winter in their trays…surprisingly, even with some neglect they persist, so I’ll give them a more permanent home in the next week or so.


Even more seeds are being sown weekly and so far I’m loving my soil blocker and indoor set-up. ( It’s a good thing my hubby loves me – he’s so tolerant of my crazy ideas!!!)  I’ve had to keep buying lights and racks to hold them all. =)

A few had to be moved outside and protected from last nights snow. This morning they still looked amazing! Phew.
I will need to find a way to keep the bunnies out. Despite my fencing they have been sneaking in and eating the tops off of my spring ranunculus!


Over Christmas break I sowed over 600 sweet pea seeds. About 90% germinated and got potted up into band pots to establish their strong root systems before spring. Well, wouldn’t ya know we were headed into a cold snap. Ugh… A week of temps in the teens helped to show which seeds were tough and which weren’t going to make it. Sadly I lost nearly 2/3 of them, but many proved to be fighters! I re-sowed another batch this week for good measure.


My indoor winter gardening experiment growing Amaryllis has also been fun! I missed Valentine’s day by about a week. From what I hear, that’s typical in farming… lol! I took notes, and hope to do better next year.
I’ve been dropping off buckets of these gorgeous blooms to consign at a local Floral Wholesaler who sells to florists and supports all regional growers along the west coast!

My “Fancy” bare root roses arrived today and a bunch of holes will need to be dug and then these babies can get planted and loved on for a few years before I can really harvest from them.  Maybe by the time they are ready I’ll be willing or able to take on a few simple weddings. Or I’ll sell them to my florist friends who do weddings!


A farm walk with my camera today proved that although it’s still winter, spring is not far off! These flowers are getting closer to showing their magic!

Despite the LONG to-do list this is my favorite time of year!

So much promise, so much potential!


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  1. Love the pics and the stories! Thanks for keeping at it!

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