Hi! My name is Dani and I’m the owner of “Dig-It Flower Farm”.

I’ve loved flowers & photography for as long as I can recall and was inspired in 2015 to turn some of my favorite hobbies into a thriving business.  Along with our 3 young sons and amazingly supportive husband we have grown from “seed” to “bloom” and work to continually improve the process of growing specialty cut flowers.

It’s not been easy, but I LOVE a good challenge.  There are good days when the sun is shining, and flowers are happy. The clients are satisfied and the kids are helpful. We have occasional flops & bad days too. I hope to showcase these moments here on the blog… if you and I can laugh about them, then they aren’t that bad right?  Generally a nap, a cup of coffee, and or a good laugh seem to make it all ok! A walk through the flowers with my camera is a special form of therapy sometimes too. I remind myself often that there’s tomorrow, or next week, or next season to try again! Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy our site and our flowers! They are grown with LOVE!