What I mean by this is to consider where your Valentine’s Day flowers come from. Your sweetheart loves to shop at the farmers market in town, she buys items from local artisans, and loves supporting the local ma & pa coffee shop. Therefore it only makes sense to also consider where her Valentine’s flowers are coming from. Where were they grown? How far have they traveled to get here?

While I don’t have fresh flowers available for sale currently, I am offering printed Gift Certificates for both our Bouquet Subscriptions & for our Dahlia Tubers that will be available early May.  Our Dahlia Tuber Certificates will be in increments of $4/tuber plus WSST. 

Please E-mail danidigs333 at gmail dot com for the Dahlia Tuber Certificate, or use this link for details and to purchase one of our Flower Subscriptions. Make sure to put a comment in or E-mail me if you want a printed Certificate to give to your Valentine!

If you still want a fresh local bouquet from an amazingly sweet florist who is committed to supporting local & sustainable farmers you can do that too! Here on the Eastside I suggest you contact Tammy at Firstandbloom

In Seattle Maura at Casablanca Floral , Sara Jane at Thatch Floral or Emily at Columbia City Bouquet are also offering Valentine’s flowers and would love to supply you with local beauty!

If you aren’t here in the Seattle / Eastside area I urge you to check out the @myslowflowers on Instagram & the slowflowers.com directory to find a florist near you who is committed to supporting local farmers!

AND – Because I LOVE all of you and your ongoing support I’m going to share an opportunity to WIN a couple of Dahlia Tubers! You can enter on Instagram (@danidigs333) or Facebook simply be tagging your significant other and sharing why you #lovelocally (Winners will be announced 2/14 so enter by 2/13 at midnight!)