2018 Bouquet Subscriptions

Fresh Local Flowers throughout the seasons!


2018 will feature an array of colors, textures and scents! Bouquets will change with the seasons and may include Ranunculus, Anemones, Sunflowers, Rudbeckia, Zinnias, Dahlias, Stock, Snapdragons, Strawflower and some nostalgic favorites like Sweet Peas, Bachelor Buttons, Cosmos, and so many more! We are also planning to experiment with some new foliage and specialty crops too! 

Last year some of our members received this “Flower Subscription” as a gift from their spouse, friend or a family member. Many women loved to treat themselves too! Flowers bring so much JOY into our homes & offices.

  • We offer monthly {6}, bimonthly {12}, or weekly {24} bouquets of the freshest flowers that evolve with the changing seasons. 

Typically the subscription runs from May – October but can vary slightly from year to year. (Mother Nature likes to play tricks on me sometimes!) 

We offer On-Farm Pick-up Monday's or Fridays. 

  • Each Bouquet is $17 + tax at our farmstand. 

Delivery available on Monday's! 

  • + $8 each for Delivery
  • Duvall / Carnation East of 297th  (1st & 3rd Mondays of the month) 
  • Duvall West of 297th (2nd & 4th Monday's of the Month) 
  • Woodinville Duvall Road & Bothell (2nd & 4th Monday of the Month)
  • Issaquah South Lake Sammamish Drop spot (1st Monday of the Month) 
  • Issaquah Trossachs Drop Spot (3rd Monday of the Month)  Please select the Issaquah option at checkout. Note that although you are picking up at the drop site, there's an $8 fee per bouquet to cover the cost for me to drop off flowers at the sites in Issaquah. 

Feel free to E-mail with any questions! 

How the subscription method is different...

Some people refer to our pre-paid structure as a CSA – “Community Supported Agriculture” where flowers come directly from me, the farmer. You benefit in freshness this way too when they are directly from the farm and not shipped in or flown from overseas. When you join our Bouquet Subscription it’s like we become partners in a way.  Your pre-order helps to plan for the season as well as to offset the costs of buying seeds, bulbs, and other supplies when they all come due in the fall & winter. You’ll be set with gorgeous blooms all season long and don’t have to do all the dirty work! Often times our flowers sell out at the Farmstand, and this pre-paid method ensures you don't miss out! 

You can reserve your flowers below, or E-mail me with any questions! 

A printable Gift Certificate is available too! Just let me know you need it! =) 

I look forward to sharing the harvest with you & your family.

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