Hi, I'm Dani


Thank you for joining me in this journey! I began "farming" in 2015 when I was inspired by another local flower farmer. I may have been the only student to bring 12 house plants to my college dorm room. I've grown plants and dabbled in gardening for as long as I can remember! As a "Stay-at-home-momma" to our 3 boys this opportunity seemed like a perfect fit.  I'm an avid photographer of flowers, and create the yearbook for my kids elementary school. I love that this "career" also allows me to be present in their classrooms, and follow my own gardening passion. Now that our youngest has begun full-time school I can devote a bit more attention to the farm and all the ongoing tasks associated with growing a full season of beauty! 

Early on...

I began with a small tiller, and a few seeds, a tray of snapdragon seedlings from a school plant sale, a few $.50 dahlia tubers I bought off the community trading post, and some free weed barrier fabric. I gathered a bit of greenery from the property and added in the flowers as they began to bloom around my tiny garden plot. I was SO excited for opening day at our farmstand. I had ZERO sales! Lucky for our customers I learned really quick that there's value in marketing! People will only come and get a bouquet if they know they are there!

I've since curated an Instagram account, a Facebook Page, and a website. 

I love sharing our flower with other Floral enthusiasts! 

Present & Future...

In 2016 & 2017 I've continued learning more and more about flowers and how to grow them well in our climate. I've attended the ASCFG conference in Michigan and joined the #slowflowers community. I begin #flowerschool January 2018. We upgraded our tiller, however I prefer no-till when possible. We love learning new "Integrated Pest Management Strategies" and avoid all harsh chemicals on the farm. We invested in a floral cooler and began selling wholesale to a few pretty amazing local florists in 2016. We now also offer flowers to our community through a pre-paid Bouquet Subscription service. We are looking to expand and host on farm classes and events in 2018. Maybe even Hanging baskets in the spring. It's going to be an amazing year! 

Thank You for joining me!